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Individual Psychotherapy/Coaching: 

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Individual Therapy 

Individual therapy is a potent tool for addressing long-standing issues like anxiety, depression, OCD, family conflicts, and more. It's also effective for managing daily stressors and major life events. We prioritize a client-centered approach, tailoring therapy to your unique needs and goals. Whether you have specific objectives or are seeking to understand and improve your well-being, our therapy can guide you on your journey.


Couples Therapy

Couples face many challenges through the years of partnership. Simple disconnect, emotional mistrust, struggles learning about each other that build over time, infidelity, trouble communicating, all of these can bring a disconnect to your relationship. However, they can all be overcome if addressed. We firmly believethat therapy is an opportunity to learn about your partner regardless of how many years you have been in the relationship - and you don't need to be in crisis to start. Some of the best work you can do together is when you are feeling connected! Whatever you want to address, we will work to identify patterns, connect, and bring you to your next stage, leading with trust, understanding and love. 

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Family Therapy

Family therapy is a wonderfully powerful way of creating long-term change for you and your loved ones. Family therapy has been a huge piece of our clinical experience at BNT Counseling. Our therapists have worked as family therapists with people in crisis and families simply looking to make the days easier. Sessions are structured to build positive relationships among family members through talk therapy and through the identification of patterns. We will work to identify the cycles your family engages in and then learn ways to intercept them to promote positive long lasting change.  

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Behavioral Support Coaching
ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)

ABA is an evidence-based approach that systematically analyzes behavior, identifies triggers, and uses reinforcement strategies to bring about lasting changes. It focuses on understanding behavior functions and implementing proactive measures for sustainable modifications over time. ABA emphasizes evidence-based practices for behavior modification and creating long-term behavioral changes.

ABA works on contingencies, modifying behaviors through reinforcement, a concept seen in everyday life. For instance, self-monitoring involves rewarding oneself for achieving personal goals, such as treating oneself to a coffee after completing a challenging task. Similarly, external reinforcement, like receiving a paycheck for work done, influences our behavior.

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Mental Skills Training 

Joe Alvayero’s experience within the behavioral health field started in Sports and Exercise Psychology. Hehas worked with collegiate athletes both individually and as a team therapist. We will create a baseline of mental skills training to develop a self awareness through imagery, positive self talk, structured planning, and learn to self regulate emotions to promote a consistent tunnel vision mind set. He will work with you to assess struggles for a specific plan to cater to your goals. Making them measurable towards success. These tactics are known to have a holistic impact on both your athletic endeavors and your personal life. 

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